Friday, July 3, 2015

On Location @ Los Alamitos

 Dell Yount & Trainer, Tom Bazley talk horses before filming begins.
                   Director of Photography, Jonas Klittmark
             Sound Recordist, Jeff Kao fits the actors with mics
       Director, Sidney J. Furie - Actors, Stan Shaw and Dell Yount
        Stan Shaw (Cowboy) - Dell Yount (Hector The Horse Player)
        It is great to see Sidney J. Furie doing what he loves best!
         The Cast and Crew of DRIVE ME TO VEGAS AND MARS
    would like to thank the great folks at Los Alamitos Race Course
 for allowing us to film at the race track during morning workouts.
   No more beautiful place than a race track in the morning hours.
         To be able to share my favorite sport with moviegoers...
                              is a true privilege. ~ Dell Yount

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