Saturday, February 11, 2017

UpInClass $500 Winner @ Public Handicapper!

   The winner of the 2017 Winter of Our Discontent was Badactor!
        So Badactor, who won the Public Handicapper Prep in 2015,
    has become the first person ever to win two tournaments on PH! 
                     Considering that we have had 51 contests, 
                    it's pretty amazing that no one has repeated. 
       On the other hand — that is handicapping! It's a tough game. 
          Congratulations to Badactor (also known as Dell Yount), 
                           for winning two of our tourneys.
   My $500 winner's check & PH t-shirt arrived this week...
              thank you again to the wonderful folks

     who make Public Handicapper such a great website!
                        MAY YOUR NEXT WAGER BE A WINNING ONE!
         ~ Dell Yount (Badactor... first ever two time PH champion.)