Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Draft Dell' for Luck campaign ramps up

'Draft Dell' for Luck campaign ramps up

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  1. HBO cancels horse racing series 'Luck'

    Thank you to everyone who supported
    the effort to "Cast Dell on HBO's Luck."
    I appreciate your good wishes
    but sometimes dreams don't come true...
    and that's alright.

    When my mother passed away
    you folks gave me the boost
    I needed to come out of the darkness
    and back to the light... the "lights."
    For that, I am most grateful...
    sorry we didn't get a part in the show.
    Next time.

    Thank you again to PAULICK REPORT.
    You guys are great sports... success to you!

    So, what's next?
    Well, maybe someone in Hollywood
    is making a good Western.

    Very truly yours,
    Dell Yount