Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UpInClass Racing Forum (USA) Celebrating 5 Year Anniversary!!!

UpInClass Racing Forum (USA) @

My name is Dell Yount.
I am an actor who just happens to love thoroughbred horses,
the passion of horseplayers & the pageantry of the race track.
My Actor's Reel can be viewed @

5 years ago... on July 9th, 2004, I started an online forum.
I used some money from my movie "Phone Booth" to create a place
where Folks from around the country can share ideas, excitement,
and in depth conversation about the greatest sport on the planet!

UpInClass Racing Forum (USA) is a group of talented players,
handicappers, and horse racing fans from all around the country.
The camaraderie, the excellent conversation, and the challenging
online handicapping contests make this group something special!

Dell Yount
UpInClass Racing Forum (USA)

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